85-Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far…

85-Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far...

My name is Yinka, and I am very new to this blogging thing, though I have always been interested in it. I have had a YouTube page with one mere video on it for about two years. I made that one video when I was a finalist for a Torrid plus-sized model search contest. Since I have always been into blogging I figured, hey, why not start now? My sister told me a touching story about how a plus-sized friend of hers is in the process of losing weight. That friend likes to encourage others to lost weight and refers them to me. She tells them “Look at Yinka. Look at where she came from and where she is now. If Yinka can do it, then you can do it.” My sister suggested that I make a video pertaining to my weight loss so that others perhaps could benefit from it. I thought it would be a total blessing if I could help somebody else just by giving my story on how I lost weight.

I was 260 pounds when I entered my freshman year in college. I always tried to lose weight in high school. I tried all types of unnecessarily extreme and short-term things. I tried weight watchers during one summer and lost 10 pounds. I gained all of the weight back quickly. I tried plenty of kooky fad diets. I was never able to lose weight consistently until I began college. It started at end of my sophomore year when I was in summer school. I thought to myself “Hey, I have nothing else to do. There is a gym right across the street that I am paying for with my tuition money. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?” Since I had plenty of time on my hands, I decided to use that summer to create a schedule where I could go to class, work, and work out. So I did that, and by the end of the summer I dropped a whopping 30 pounds! When the semester began I received so many compliments about how great I looked. By the time the spring rolled around and then December rolled around again I lost 40 additional pounds. If you’re keeping up that is 70 pounds right there. The entire time lapse was between my junior and senior year.

Right now I have officially lost 85-pounds to date.I weigh 174 pounds. Mind you, I used to be 260 pounds! It is a big step. I did not lose weight in a rushed manner, nor I did I do it in a way that was unhealthy. I like to eat, so I did not want to deprive myself of things I wanted to have. When I craved things I just compensated by working out more. I had to learn to get to know my body for a couple of years. Once I understood how my body worked and how I lost and gained weight, I was able to do what I wanted to since I knew how my body was going to react.

I just work out and keep a nice regimen. I mix cardio with strength training every day. I do 45-60 minutes of cardio and at least 30 minutes of strength training. I switch my strength training sections every other day. So for example, on one day I’d do cardio for 60 minutes (something along the lines of 30 minutes of running and 30 minutes on the elliptical) and then I’d work on my glutes for 30 minutes. The next day I’d do 60 minutes of cardio (probably 30 minutes of running and 30 minutes on a stair-climbing machine) and then I’d work on my thighs for 30 minutes. I always incorporate strength training. I usually work out five days a week. If there is a week where I eat a lot then I work out for six days.

I’m going to continue to blog and so that you all can see my progress. Hopefully this does something for you. I am doing this for the people out there that are looking for motivation from a person who went from 260 to 174 pounds. Do not think about day to day struggles. Do not think: “Oh man, I didn’t lose much this week.” Focus on the bigger picture. You know working out is good for you, so keep doing it. it is a temporary discomfort for long-term pleasure. Incorporate it into your life. I just want to encourage you all that it is possible. Trust me, you can do it.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh my WORD!!!! Thank a million Yinka! You have no idea what reading your story has done to me since Friday! First i was deeply discouraged then… motivated. I used to be a neat 136.4 pounds. Well, that was a little too low for my structure at the time though. I was just a chronic dancer and i used to work out 7days a week. But then… Life just happened to me. I graduated from University and separated from my dance group… then work out time and dancing reduced… then marriage happened and then CHILDBIRTH. Now…. i am a whooping 235.4POUNDS. At first i was 259.6 pounds then, it’s been such a struggle with different types of diet plans. I once locked my teeth for 4weeks. Lost 22pounds; then gained it all back. Done other diets from Cambridge to Forever Clean 9/Nutri-Lean. All in vain! Presently, I’m 235.4 pounds and my healthy weight should be 154 Pounds!

    I was so encouraged when you mentioned your love for food! Made me believe i can do it to because it”s same with me. My word, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE FOOD!!! I adore chocolates and a terrible sucker for biscuits! Yeah, i sure know it’s all bad, bad, sooo bad for my health. So, my diet plan has been “deprivation”! But then i realise that anytime i just decide to take a little break, i end up binging. So i’m thinking, probably, i should just always ensure that i burn more than i consume. Also, you had said “…on your own you are not that disciplined….but God helped you to be”…. i was so so so glad to hear that. In church yesterday, i said that prayer. Told God that if He could do it for you, then mine would just be a walk in the park. So, pray tell… how did you start off your trainings? Were you doing 1hr 30mins from the very first day? I am willing to start right away. You know what, please send me a routine plan like what you followed. I hope it’s stuff i can easily get around here in Lagos.

    I’d be so pleased to hear from you!

    Take care of you and thanks for being such a motivation. I too will share my story someday and refer to you.

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