Weight Loss Confession…I Slipped Up!

There’s this saying, “Your body can’t eat right or workout if your mind won’t let it”. That couldn’t be any more true for me the last 6 months of 2015. My mindset was off and I was dealing with tons of stress, lack of motivation, carelessness and quite frankly, I had no hardcore desire to get back on track during this period of time. During that period of limbo I gained 30LBS!


January 2016 I made a vow to myself to regain control of the things that matter most. One being my physical well-being. Part of the process of regaining control was to shift my mindset and way of thinking.  I talk about this in detail in my last blog post titled Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss. I am now down 20.2lbs! I’m not finished but getting closer to my goal everyday :-). During this process I found out how much I enjoy competing with myself. It’s fun and more challenging! I won’t stop at the 30lb loss.  I’m on the road to build lean muscle mass, get strong and lean out! Not sure what weight that would get me to and I honestly could care less.  My goal is to be and stay healthy.  The scale only matters to me right now because I need to lose the weight I have gained. 


How has your weight loss management been?  Are you tired of the yo-yo weights on the scale?  Join me and let’s both conquer the scale! #TeamSummertimeFine2016 



Before and after pics coming soon!


-Yinka Rufai

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