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Weight Loss Confession…I Slipped Up!

There’s this saying, “Your body can’t eat right or workout if your mind won’t let it”. That couldn’t be any more true for me the last 6 months of 2015. My mindset was off and I was dealing with tons of stress, lack of motivation, carelessness and quite frankly, I had no hardcore desire to […]

Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss

Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss

Not sure where to begin?  That’s alright, we all need to start somewhere! People ask me how I got started with my journey to long-term weight loss.  They mention how hard it is to get started and/or stay dedicated.  If we know what to do, why is change so hard?  The secret is to shift […]

Before and After Photos!

Before and After Photos!

Before and after! #progress Another before and after!! My weight loss journey began May 2008 and to date I’ve lost 90lbs. The pictures on the left were from June/July 2014. The photos on the right (in black and white) were from 2006. Through my experience I can tell you that IT IS possible to shed weight […]

The Amazing Race Challenge in Chicago!

The Amazing Race Challenge in Chicago!

Hello there peeps!  Hope all is well :-).  I would like to personally invite you to this super special event that will be held in Chicago called the Amazing Race Challenge!   Strap on your running shoes and thinking caps because The Good Life Ministry (of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church) is hosting its first Amazing Race!!! I […]

A BIG Thank You! | 15K Subscriber Giveaway!

The giveaway is closed. Winners announced in my YT video below! Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my giveaway.  The comments received were so nice and humbling 🙂 I truly appreciate it!  Stay tuned for future videos, features and giveaways by subscribing to my newsletter here.     Guess what guys?!!? My YT channel has […]

Weight Loss Confessions: Part 5

I get asked a lot of questions on a regular basis. My Weight Loss Confessions series was created to provide you all with quick & detailed answers to a lot of the common questions I get asked. 🙂   Question #5 How Do You Balance a Busy Life and Healthy Living?   Weight Loss Confessions: […]

THIS SATURDAY! Mother & Daughter Conference…Beauty on the Inside Out

I apologize for the last minute announcement for this.  As most of you know, I was out the country in Lagos with no wifi access :(.  I would still like to reach out to each and everyone of you to inform you about this awesome conference coming up tomorrow! To my beautiful, awesome, phenomenal female […]

Exercise Regimens for Different Weight Loss Stages

Watch in HD! 🙂 My exercise regimen vid! As promised! xoxo Check out my trainer’s health bog – great tips: Share on Facebook