thumbnailHello and Welcome to my website! My name is Yinka Rufai and I am a twenty-something year old Nigerian-American who promotes beauty from the inside out. After graduating in 2010 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I pursued my interest in actuarial science.  I am currently residing in my hometown–Chicago, IL–and I work as an actuarial consultant for a large consulting firm.

I strive to stay positive while remaining humble and determined. I find joy in teaching others to embrace change and to accept that there are temporary discomforts for lifelong satisfactions.

My desire is to help others reach their maximum potential. I look forward to further encouraging young adults to become a better version of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.


When I discovered that my personal weight loss journey could be leveraged to help others in ways I could not imagine, I began documenting my 90-pound weight loss journey on YouTube in the spring of 2012.  Within three months of uploading my first video, I received 50,000 views and reached over 5,000 subscribers. At that moment, I recognized the power that testimonies have on others. Since then, I have made several video blogs/ vlogs–and maintained activity on my YouTube channel. I now have tens of thousands of subscribers supporting me on my weight loss journey.

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My Mission
Empowering young adults to embrace wellness, healthy living, and a positive lifestyle. The honest way.