Staying fit can be a lot to deal with. Most people in this space have had different struggles. Mine was no different! My fitness journey began in 2010 when I lost 100 pounds. I maintained my weight through 2019. It felt good! In September 2020, I got on the scale. To my surprise, I had gained 35 pounds. “NO WAY”! I had to be responsible for my health.

That was the turning point for my fitness journey. I became consistent. I went from 0% activity and healthy eating to 100% activity and 110% healthy eating! It was easy for me because I had so much knowledge over these 10 years on how to lose weight. Your guess was right! Workouts, nutrition, body types, supplements, I studied anything fitness.

From September to December, I was able to lose 45 pounds, all in a healthy manner and with reasonable workouts! My “diet” was NOT a low-carb diet and I did not need things like keto or intermittent fasting. Those diets do give great results, but for me, I was not willing to give up that much food. I could not sustain it. I needed a flexible and long-term plan.
Most importantly, I came to see that staying fit is wholistic. It starts with the mind and reflects in the body.

Do you have similar struggles? Have you been rising and falling in your fitness plans? Do you desire a healthy lifestyle but lack inspiration?

I can relate to your pains and concerns. I was once there. I am here to show you how to stay fit.

As a certified health coach, I am more than suited to address your health needs. I have mastered the faith-centered connection between physical, spiritual, and mental health.
I have helped many women lose weight physically and gain weight spiritually. I am delighted to help you do the same! Join this family!