The Amazing Race Challenge in Chicago!

The Amazing Race Challenge in Chicago!

Hello there peeps!  Hope all is well :-).  I would like to personally invite you to this super special event that will be held in Chicago called the Amazing Race Challenge!


Strap on your running shoes and thinking caps because The Good Life Ministry (of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church) is hosting its first Amazing Race!!! I want you to join us for a day of team building, physical fitness challenges and nutrition tips (jeopardy style) on Saturday, July 19th from 10am-1pm at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, 4543 S. Princeton Ave., Chicago, IL.


We are ECSTATIC about this event and its potential to change the lives of young adults in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition along with mental health/spiritual well-being.  This event will merge faith with action to support holistic healthy living built on a desire to honor your body in all areas (physically, mentally and spiritually). Additionally, The Amazing Race Challenge will serve as a building block to unite, energize, and engage future ministry and young adults throughout the year.

 The Amazing Race Challenge Details:

1) Obstacle 1: Bootcamp 101! | 20 minute boot camp for each of the three teams.  Point system will be based on the success of each team. Things like burpees, push-ups and partner based workouts like abs and etc in pairs. The team who gets through your planned session the fastest will get the most points.  

2) Obstacle 2: Nutrition 101 Jeopardy! | There will be 5 sections, each column will go from 100-500 points and be on different topics (including bible based questions on honoring your body). 

3) Obstacle 3: “Tug of war!” |  Each team will be on the opposite end of a rope.   Similar to Family Feud, each person will have the opportunity to answer a question based on spiritual living and mental health.  If they get it right…a tug for that team along with points!  This will keep going until the team who is winning has the rope completely on their side.  The winning team will pick an individual for the final round of questions (similar to Family Feud again) and have to answer with their best answer within an allotted time frame.

General Logistics: There will be 3-4 teams that are randomly picked during registration (10-10:45). The race will begin at 11am. At the very end, we will go back to Fellowship, particpants will connect and chat with refreshments and healthy snacks.The winning team will be announced and will receive their prizes!

Please find details about components of the challenge along with leaders committed to overseeing all members who participate:

  • Facilitator – “The Amazing Race Challenge”
    • Lead by Yinka Rufai, Health & Fitness Advisor
  • Fitness – “Bootcamp Blast!” – 
    • Lead Larrell Gary, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition – “Nutrition Tips & Healthy Eating (Jeopardy style!)
    • Lead by Alice Ndikumana, Health Advisor
  • Mental Health/Spiritual Well-being – Tug of War!: “Know your bible” and “Honoring Your Body”
    • Lead by Christopher Lee, Co-lead of the Good Life Young Adults Ministry at FMBC


Also, feel free to connect with the Good Life on social media!




With Love,

-Yinka Rufai

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