Las Gidi 2013 :-)

It’s official. I’m going to Lagos, Nigeria! Whoop whoop. Haven’t been back since I was 10 years old. Looking forward to going back! I will be there for 2 weeks and plan to have a blast.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the ladies from Nigeria who read my blog on bellanaija and kept addressing the same concern, “The resources you mention in your meal plan are hard to come by in Nigeria.  How can I eat healthy here?  Can you suggest meal plans?”

Well guess what… I plan to create meal plans for the types of food I will eat and also some healthy alternatives to some of the popular dishes.  I will try my best to not stray too far away from the traditional foods.  But it will be difficult because Nigerian dishes consist of a lot of oils and starches.  This should be an experience for me also .

Do any of you have suggestions on what foods are your favorite?  What markets you go to in Lagos?  Or even fun things to do while I’m there?  Share the wealth in the comments section below 🙂


With Love,








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  1. Yeni says:

    Make sure you have sweet treats ice-cream!!! And go to Yaba market to buy some eleke ;-). Hot pink please!!!

  2. demilade says:

    hi yinka
    thumbs up on a job well done your a big motivation. First time reader on bella naija inspired and I was brought to tears. God Bless. on the contrary its very possible for one to eat healthy here in Nigeria for example foods like ewedu(English name unknown) is highly nutritious high Iron, no fat at all and contains high fibre content could be eaten with amala which is a very light substitute for eba or pounded yam as its easy to digest. Also we are blessed with abundance of fruit like melons . pineapple(high fibre) to help increase bowl movement the least is endless…Have Awesome fun in Lagos.*Muchos*

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