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Weight Loss Confession…I Slipped Up!

There’s this saying, “Your body can’t eat right or workout if your mind won’t let it”. That couldn’t be any more true for me the last 6 months of 2015. My mindset was off and I was dealing with tons of stress, lack of motivation, carelessness and quite frankly, I had no hardcore desire to […]

Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss

Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss

Not sure where to begin?  That’s alright, we all need to start somewhere! People ask me how I got started with my journey to long-term weight loss.  They mention how hard it is to get started and/or stay dedicated.  If we know what to do, why is change so hard?  The secret is to shift […]

Women Exceeding Feature and a Subbie Giveaway!

Women Exceeding Feature and a Subbie Giveaway!

I’m featured on for the month of August! Humbled and honored for the nomination and feature! Women Exceeding is the connection between those who are influencing and instituting change and those striving to make a difference. I will be giving out a free 1 hour consultation for those who enter the sweepstake: will be also doing […]

Before and After Photos!

Before and After Photos!

Before and after! #progress Another before and after!! My weight loss journey began May 2008 and to date I’ve lost 90lbs. The pictures on the left were from June/July 2014. The photos on the right (in black and white) were from 2006. Through my experience I can tell you that IT IS possible to shed weight […]

A BIG Thank You! | 15K Subscriber Giveaway!

The giveaway is closed. Winners announced in my YT video below! Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my giveaway.  The comments received were so nice and humbling 🙂 I truly appreciate it!  Stay tuned for future videos, features and giveaways by subscribing to my newsletter here.     Guess what guys?!!? My YT channel has […]

Article Feature – Livin’ Like Maya

I’m featured on the Livin’ Like Maya site!   Click here to view the article! 🙂   More about Livin’ Like Maya: Livin’ Like Maya is not a blog. It is a celebration of self and each other. It is a journey of awakening the untapped greatness that lies within ourselves, and others. In other […]

My First Article Feature!

My first article feature is on Bella Naija! God is so awesome! Check it out: it’s under the features tab on Click here to go to the article directly. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that what you are doing in your life is helping someone else also. I used to keep everything […]

85-Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far...

85-Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far…

My name is Yinka, and I am very new to this blogging thing, though I have always been interested in it. I have had a YouTube page with one mere video on it for about two years. I made that one video when I was a finalist for a Torrid plus-sized model search contest. Since […]

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How tall are you? 5’8.5″ 2.       Did you eat carbs at every meal? Yes I did back then and still lost weight.  Currently I do not eat carbs during dinner. 3.       What did you do to your hair during your intense workouts and still stay cute? Weaves and workouts will never go together peacefully…lol. […]

How do you eat?

How do you eat?

What do you put inside to fuel you? That can be the difference between living fully and simply existing. Share on Facebook