My Health & Fitness Product Faves | Winter 2012

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THINGS REVIEWED (Purchased every item with my own money- my own unbiased opinion here 🙂 )

1) Adult Multivitamins

Brand: Pure Life Naturals Adult Plus

Purchased at: Walgreen’s for ~13

Benefits: An adult multivitamin with fruit and veggie extracts, natural energy and mood support herbs. an awesome all in one vitamin that I like very much

2) Spirulina

Brand: Spirulina Natural

Purchased at: Whole Foods for ~40

Benefits: Gives you tons of antioxidant support that comes from green veggies. Very good additive to add to smoothies.

3) L-Carnatine (liquid form)

Brand: GNC Brand

Purchased at: GNC for ~15

Benefits: Supports fat burn, increased metabolism

4) Scale w/ Body Fat

Brand: Vitagoods

Purchased at: Groupon Deal for ~60 (its over unfortunately but Ive been seeing it for other brands on groupon very often)

Benefits: Gives you not only your weight but gives you an estimate of your body fat %, bone mass %, and muscle mass % in your body

5) Running Shoes

Brand: Reebok flex, Zignano

Purchased at: Macy’s for ~54 (black Friday deal…But Ive been seeing them on sale at other places like DSW)

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