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Vlog…My Life…Updates!

WATCH ME IN HD! Life Updates 1. New J-O-B | Weight Progress 2. Maturity. Season of Growth. 3. GLSM Healthiest Christian Challenge via: 3. Professional Branding via: Music Playing: Bottom (Instrumental) by Drake GREAT song. Check it out on iTunes! I do not own any copyrights to this song Share on Facebook

My Hygiene & Skincare Routine

Watch in HD 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy! I purchase my lavender soap bars from -originally saw it on hautelook and decided to give it a go. Been a fan ever since. For those who decide to try it: let me know what you think! Share on Facebook

Make Me Up! | Daily Makeup Regimen

Watch me in HD! Products used: Moisturize: Clinque Mosturizing Gel Prep & Prime: Mac prep and prime silicone base cream Face: Bobby Brown creamy concealer in Almond (comes with white setting powder) – under eye concealer prep Mac Concealer NC45 – under eye concealer top coat Foundation: Mac Match Master in the color 7.5 Foundation […]

Exercise Regimens for Different Weight Loss Stages

Watch in HD! 🙂 My exercise regimen vid! As promised! xoxo Check out my trainer’s health bog – great tips: Share on Facebook

My Health & Fitness Product Faves | Winter 2012

THINGS REVIEWED (Purchased every item with my own money- my own unbiased opinion here 🙂 ) 1) Adult Multivitamins Brand: Pure Life Naturals Adult Plus Purchased at: Walgreen’s for ~13 Benefits: An adult multivitamin with fruit and veggie extracts, natural energy and mood support herbs. an awesome all in one vitamin that I like very […]

Maintaining Hair During Workouts

Watch in HD 🙂 The workout headband I use is from: The size I used in the video: Wide Headband 4” Description from the site: Revolutionary Patent Pending “Edge Control Technology” * Wicks away moisture * Allows heat to escape * Keeps your hair flat * SAVES YOUR HAIRSTYLE! Share on Facebook

Get Ready With Me | DIY Hair Straightening & Makeup

Watch me in HD! Product Details below: Hair: Wagmans Virgin Indian – Natural Curly | 16-19” x1, 20-23” x1, 24-28” x2 (trimmed edges after install. Approx ~1”-2” inches) Hair Products: Chi flatiron, small toothed comb, Jon Frieda Frizz-ease, Argan oil (any brand- I used Dove during this video) Face Prep (not recorded): Face wash: Neutrogena […]

85-Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far...

85-Pounds Lost: My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far…

My name is Yinka, and I am very new to this blogging thing, though I have always been interested in it. I have had a YouTube page with one mere video on it for about two years. I made that one video when I was a finalist for a Torrid plus-sized model search contest. Since […]

Awesome God

Awesome God

My God is Awesome :-). Share on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How tall are you? 5’8.5″ 2.       Did you eat carbs at every meal? Yes I did back then and still lost weight.  Currently I do not eat carbs during dinner. 3.       What did you do to your hair during your intense workouts and still stay cute? Weaves and workouts will never go together peacefully…lol. […]