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GodKulture Presents...'This is Love' Christmas Bash this Saturday!

GodKulture Presents…’This is Love’ Christmas Bash this Saturday!

 Join me at the ‘This is Love’ Christmas bash; Saturday, December 10th!   This Is Love is an annual Christmas bash hosted by GodKulture, a creative ministry and nonprofit based in Chicago! What you can expect from the bash is the same as any other party – good music, good entertainment, good vibes, and networking with good people. But […]

Weight Loss Confession…I Slipped Up!

There’s this saying, “Your body can’t eat right or workout if your mind won’t let it”. That couldn’t be any more true for me the last 6 months of 2015. My mindset was off and I was dealing with tons of stress, lack of motivation, carelessness and quite frankly, I had no hardcore desire to […]

Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss

Preparing Yourself for Long-term Weight Loss

Not sure where to begin?  That’s alright, we all need to start somewhere! People ask me how I got started with my journey to long-term weight loss.  They mention how hard it is to get started and/or stay dedicated.  If we know what to do, why is change so hard?  The secret is to shift […]

So What Are We NOT Discussing?

Join me this coming Thursday for Soul by the Pound’s first male and female panelist!    So what are we NOT discussing in the Black Community? There are so many conversations left unspoken regarding mental health, wellness and of course….RELATIONSHIPS. Join me at Soul by the Pound’s panel; Thursday, March 19th in the West Loop at […]

Imperfect People Serving A Perfect God

GOD LOVES US LIKE CRAZY!   I share my past because I am no longer victim of it. I’m transparent in all that I do and go through because I 100% believe that my testimony will encourage someone who is going through something I’ve experienced and conquered. Your past experiences or past self cannot make […]

Prayer: Progressive Sanctification

“Progressive Sanctification is that gracious work of God in a believer whereby He enables him to replace works of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit, thereby causing him to become more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ.” Dear Father, I love you and appreciate you so much! Thank you for your blessings […]

Women Exceeding Feature and a Subbie Giveaway!

Women Exceeding Feature and a Subbie Giveaway!

I’m featured on for the month of August! Humbled and honored for the nomination and feature! Women Exceeding is the connection between those who are influencing and instituting change and those striving to make a difference. I will be giving out a free 1 hour consultation for those who enter the sweepstake: will be also doing […]

Before and After Photos!

Before and After Photos!

Before and after! #progress Another before and after!! My weight loss journey began May 2008 and to date I’ve lost 90lbs. The pictures on the left were from June/July 2014. The photos on the right (in black and white) were from 2006. Through my experience I can tell you that IT IS possible to shed weight […]

The Amazing Race Challenge in Chicago!

The Amazing Race Challenge in Chicago!

Hello there peeps!  Hope all is well :-).  I would like to personally invite you to this super special event that will be held in Chicago called the Amazing Race Challenge!   Strap on your running shoes and thinking caps because The Good Life Ministry (of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church) is hosting its first Amazing Race!!! I […]

Denial Got Your Tongue?

The greatest enemy to obedience is justification. If you find yourself justifying something that you KNOW is wrong…guess what? You’re in denial. The saddest part about denial is that you REFUSE to acknowledge what you’re doing is wrong. You can’t help yourself or pray for yourself if you don’t address your wrongdoings. You are opening […]